Living on the streets of Berlin by choice

St. 1, Ep. 11: Homeless, Choices, People and Planet

To cut all the influences of my previous life I had to take a radical move.

Two years ago Jakub took a radical decision: He chose to live on the street. I met him months ago in a bar in Berlin and had been electrified from our talk for days. His radical choice next to his wise and sympathetic appearance made me curious: I asked to get to know him better and do a interview.

In our talk he explains what he has gained from the time of two years living on the street, what made him taking this step and how his life looked like in the decades before. He also emphasise on his attitude towards life and meaning: "There's only Two P's that are important in life - People & Planet".

About Jakub:

Jakub is 38 years old and currently living without a home in Berlin on the streets. While following the professional path of his father in the beginning of his career he became a navigation officer on a big ship. After his father suddenly died due to a tragedy Jakub started to have bigger and bigger troubles. He had realized back then that the job he was doing didn't make him happy and knew that he has to change something. He moved to Berlin and started into his new chapter. After a while and realizing that his life is determined a lot by expectations from friends and families he decided, from one day to the other, not continue living "the normal life" anymore but to live on the street. After two years he's planning to end this chapter soon because he's found what he was looking for.

Listen to the episode:

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